The Sex Positive Coach

Inara de Luna, Relationship Coach & Sexuality Educator

Transgender or Gender Variant Concerns

If you do not fall into the binary, cisgender mainstream norm, you have some unique challenges to learn how to live with or overcome, such as how to relate to your body and your sexuality; how to relate to others and how much of an activist or educator you wish to be; how to deal with ignorance, discrimination, hatred and violence. 

Regardless of where you fall on the gender spectrum and what label (if any) you choose to define yourself, you also have some needs and challenges common to all human beings: you likely crave affection and acceptance; you long to be seen, heard, and validated; you wish to find or keep a loving connection with one or more partners.

Your current needs for support may center around your gender or may have nothing to do with it. Either way, I provide a safe space to talk, to explore, to get support around emotions, to learn new skills and ways of communicating and interrelating. 

An important note for those seeking Gender Confirming Surgery

I am not a licensed mental health professional, so unfortunately I am not qualified to write the letters you may need for HRT or gender confirming surgeries, as is often still required by surgeons. However, I'm familiar with the process and with the requirements that therapists must meet to make those recommendations. I can help you determine (and increase) the likelihood that you will pass the gatekeepers' tests. I also work closely with several transgender-friendly therapists who I can refer you to in order to meet the therapy requirement of your journey. Meanwhile, I can still act as your cheerleader and your coach along the way, supporting the work you're doing with the rest of your gender confirming team!