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The following links connect to people or organizations with whom I may have a personal relationship, entities I can vouch for, who I believe in, and who I strongly recommend if their niche covers what you're looking for. I am receiving no financial remuneration for recommending any of these people or companies.



Dr. Gina Ogden has been an incredibly influence on my own development into a sex positive coach. She developed the ISIS Wheel (the name of which is derived from "Integrating Spirituality and Sexuality") as an innovative approach to couples and sex therapy, wherein participants are challenged to integrate all aspects of their being (mind, body, emotions, spirit) so that they may achieve health and wholeness. This model is a beautiful integration of much of the type of work I've done over the years and so I resonate powerfully with her approach. Please read more about her approach here: For more info about the woman behind all of this, go here:

I have learned so much from Dr. Patti about sex coaching, which has largely informed my approach to my own practice. The model she developed is so practical and appropriate for the work we do with most clients. And not only does she have an amazing font of knowledge, her vivacious personality makes it a joy to learn from her. Her SAR was an amazing and transformative experience! I strongly recommend Dr. Patti’s Clinical Sexology course or her SAR experience for professionals who wish to increase their knowledge about and comfort level with sexuality. Find more info at


Catherine offers personal coaching, relationship coaching, as well as career coaching to business owners and executives. She is also a skilled presenter and workshop leader. I have her found her presentations challenging but compassionate. She understands interpersonal relationships deeply and is skilled at conveying that understanding to others. I recommend her highly and personally! 

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