The Sex Positive Coach

Inara de Luna, Relationship Coach & Sexuality Educator

Gender, Sexuality, & Relationship Diversity Specialist

How This Works

Coaching by videoconference allows us to work together as if we're in the same location. I can watch your facial expressions and body language and that additional information helps me to help you. You also get the opportunity to watch my face and body, which can convey useful information for you to incorporate into your other relationships.

The videoconference system I use is through, which is HIPAA compliant and very safe from outside intrusions or hacking. It is also very simple for you, the customer, to use. Once you've schedule a session, I will reserve that time in my Virtual Office at You will then receive an email confirmation, as well as two reminders as our session date and time get closer. Every one of those emails will contain a link which will connect you directly to my virtual waiting room. While waiting for me, you can take care of your payment for the session, if you didn't do so in advance. All you need is an internet signal, a webcam and a microphone, and you'll be able to test your equipment in the waiting room before we get started.

If there is any reason that an online video conference won't work, we can also do our session over the phone, though that is less than ideal, for many reasons. But technology sometimes fails us, and we need back up plans. 

Documents to Submit

In advance of your first session, you will need to complete and return an Intake Form. This form provides me some basic information I need about you and requires your signature that you agree to my fees and policies. This form is required. 

I also need you to review and agree to our policies by signing an Informed Consent form. This form is also mandatory.

You may also opt to complete a Release of Information Form as well as a Release to Record Form. The Release of Information provides me permission to consult with whatever other specific health or mental health provider you indicate. A Release to Record Form gives me permission to audio or video record our sessions to assist in my own growth and development as a coach. Some of my ongoing training requires me to record sessions to review my skills and competencies. These two forms are completely voluntary and may be revoked at any time.