The Sex Positive Coach

Inara de Luna, Relationship Coach & Sexuality Educator

Gender, Sexuality, & Relationship Diversity Specialist

Relationship Coaching vs Marriage Therapy

By coaching, I mean that I help you focus on what’s already working, on where you want to be, and learning tools to enhance your life to achieve that vision of where you want to be. I hold a Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, but the focus in therapy is too often on figuring out how to “fix” people or relationships that are “ill” or “broken.” In contrast, as a coach, I help you identify your own strengths and resources; we don’t spend a lot of time excavating your childhood or past relationships; we define your goals together, identify the obstacles, and collaboratively create a plan for overcoming those obstacles and achieving your goals. I will be your coach, encouraging you, offering ideas, teaching tools to enhance your skillsets, cheering on your successes, and nudging you back onto your chosen path if you start to stray or lose your own motivation.

You’ll note that I also changed the first word of the label I use from “Marriage” to “Relationship” in order to recognize the wide array of intimate or romantic arrangements people make with one another that do not or cannot fall within the purview of “traditional,” legal marriage. This terminology shift also signifies that a lot of the same tools and techniques used to improve interrelations between intimate partners can also be used in relationships of other kinds (such as between parents and children, between coworkers or with one’s superiors, between friends, etc.).

I do work closely with several therapists. Sometimes I work collaboratively with a therapist or counselor to provide a client a well-balanced approach to healing and wholeness. I will also refer people who need more help on serious and deep-seated issues than I’m qualified to provide.

I offer coaching services to individuals, couples, and poly pods of any number. I will also periodically offer group coaching on particular topics or for specific types of people (please watch for announcements of themed groups). I prefer to work with adolescents and adults of any age.