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Quotes I wanted to let you know that from our one session, I was able to get clear about what was really going on with me. I appreciate your work so much! Your questions even upon intake helped me to understand myself better. You are one powerful healer! Thanks! Quotes
Ophelia Rising
Atlanta, GA

Quotes I had seen Inara's name at events I'd attended for a few years. We had even spoken some occasions. I didn't know then how important her support would be to my growth as an educator. She offered her knowledge and skills to a group I was running for marginalized youth, and always had time to point me to resources where I can learn more about the communities I want to serve. Most importantly, whether she is at work or on personal time, she exudes the positivity and understanding she teaches, without selfishness or egotism. Know that when you choose her services you are supporting a pillar in the communities she aids or is a part of! Quotes
Community Member

Quotes Inara is an enlightened and liberated woman who serves as a beacon to others, and who possesses exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Her confidence, knowledge of her subject matter, and warmth draw people to her and help them be receptive to her expressions. I took her sacred sexuality workshop several years ago and attended her yoni puja. I also underwent counseling from her to help me deal with my love relationship issues and benefitted from her counseling immensely. Inara is a modern cutting-edge therapist who is intimately in touch with society's needs. Inara has the professional training to function as an expert therapist. I appreciate her objectivity and candidness. She has the tact to deliver constructive criticism in a manner to minimize hurt feelings, self-doubt, and deprecation. I HIGHLY recommend Inara for your counseling needs, and as a presenter of lectures and workshops in her areas of expertise. Quotes
Celt Wiccan
Priest of the Alexandrian and Gardnerian Traditions of Wicca

Quotes Inara is a skilled and well rounded counselor/life coach/writer who is grounded in multicultural and sex positive awareness. Her style is open, honest, and kind. She actively contributes current information to the professional field and community at large that empowers and engages much needed dialogue for the engagement of enriching personal choices. Inara continues to uphold a high standard of ethics that support socially marginalized communities like the LGBTQ, poly, and kink world community. Quotes
Stacey Cohen, MA, LPC
Atlanta, GA

Quotes Inara is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of the vast diversity of human sexual experience and relationship configurations. She uses her academic training to frame this in models of communication and interpersonal interactions, drawing on theories of how to build healthy relationships of all kinds. She is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about relationship models outside of stereotypical expectations. Quotes
Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist, Atlanta, GA

Quotes I have known Inara in different capacities and have always found her to be efficient, competent, compassionate, and an excellent communicator. She has extensive knowledge of the polyamory lifestyle and I wouldn?t hesitate to consult with her on a case in which that was a relevant factor. Quotes
Dr. Susana Mayer, Clinical Sexologist, Ageless Sex Advocate &

Quotes I have known Inara for several years. She has been the professional consultant for the Wellspring Counseling Center outside Atlanta, Georgia. We service a population that includes people that fall outside the 'traditional' relationship spectrum - like 'kink', Polyamorous, BDSM, and fetishes. We find it a rewarding population to serve. We also serve folks on the gender spectrum. Inara has been invaluable as a trainer, consultant and colleague in serving a broader population of couples and relationship variations. She has helped shape our services around positive sexuality and avoiding shaming, pathologizing, or being closed or negative about what we may not have known in our personal and professional lives. Her education has been invaluable. We are seen as a safe and welcoming place for many because of the help of Inara. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Quotes
Tom Query, LPC
Director, Wellspring Counseling Center

Quotes Inara de Luna is a rare gem as a speaker, clinician and educator about the broad spectrum of human sexual expression. Coming from a sex-positive perspective, she is always ready to take a stand for sexual freedom and share her vast knowledge about BDSM, polyamory and sacred sexuality. At one of our SAR events, Inara underscored the importance of the connection, the trust, and the intimacy involved in most BDSM partnerships. She also helped introduce participants to the local play space, as an expert guide and by teaching appropriate etiquette for all newcomers. It was a riveting, safe and powerful experience thanks to her expertise and sensitivities to BDSM/kink. Inara is a welcome resource for any professional seeking knowledge, support, or consultation for working with alternative sexual populations. Quotes
Patti Britton, PhD, MPH
Author, speaker, sexologist, co-founder

Quotes This lady is an amazing life coach. She also helped me with learning to help deal with my anxiety. Quotes
Marietta, GA