The Sex Positive Coach

Inara de Luna, Relationship Coach & Sexuality Educator

Gender, Sexuality, & Relationship Diversity Specialist

Who I Am

I am a Sex, Gender and Relationship Diversity Specialist with a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. For over a dozen years, I have been coaching and counseling individuals, couples and families of all types. I have a warm, non-judgmental, empathic approach and I enjoy working with people in the context of their intimate and familial relationships. I will help you to explore and understand your own inner reality and how to interact with each other in a healthier, more constructive and compassionate manner. I believe that we all possess an inate ability to heal ourselves, with the right guidance, support and tools.

While I welcome all clients, I especially desire to support those in non-mainstream relationships - specifically lesbian and gay couples, bisexual people, transgender people, poly, queer, those living in polyamorous families, and those living in kinky households. I honor your gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or relationship style as valid. I also welcome teens and young adults who are exploring their identities and/or going through any coming-out process.

Why Me

In addition to my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have also completed a 15-hour SAR and the 40-hour Clinical Sexology training offered by the Institute for Sexual Self Realization. I have taken numerous classes on sex and relationship counseling by Dr. Tammy Nelson, Dr. Gina Ogden, Esther Perel, Dr. Marty Klein, and Dr. Patti Britton. Read more about how I differentiate between therapy and coaching.

I also integrate into my work with clients my experience as a yoga teacher, bodyworker, and sacred sexuality practitioner. My approach is unique and eclectic, blending what makes the most sense from a variety of sources.